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Tribe Luxe

Rose Gold Cream Shadows

Rose Gold Cream Shadows

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Game Over- cool toned super shimmery mauve rose gold. Matches 1up 365 loose shadow. 

Antifragile- warm toned golden peachy rose gold. Matches Resilient 365 loose shadow. 

Snakebite- warm toned creamy baby pink rose gold. Matches Venom 365 loose shadow. 

Becca's Blend- warm toned creamy coral rose gold with lots of shimmer. Matches BBB Rose 365 loose shadow. 

Millennia- warm toned rosey red rose gold with a magenta undertone. Matches M 365 loose shadow. 

Pretty Poisonous- cool toned lavender rose gold with lots of shimmer. Matches Toxic 365 loose shadow. 

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